Whole Body Vibration Machine – A Treat For the Young and Old!

public-health-prioritiesJust like many other sensational inventions, mankind has devised mechanisms that would burn extra calories in a hassle free order! Have you ever pondered over the use of vibrating plates? If no, this article will act like an eye opener. NASA and Russian Scientists have proved the need for body vibration machine. This is because the crucial equipment increases the bone density and muscle atrophy of astronauts, who are ought to go on a space mission. However, in this competitive world, many manufacturers have released commercial versions of the whole body vibration equipment. These machines can be used in homes, hospitals, gyms and fitness centers.

About the Power Plate

A very famous WBV machine would be “The Power Plate”. The fitness equipment is a healthy cross between bathroom scales and stair steppers. The flat platform allows users to perform stand ups, sit ups and lie-down exercises. When you combine effective exercises with vibrational energy, trust me, you will see a sturdy improvement in your overall health. The Power Plate vibrates between 20 to 70 times every second in three different directions. If you wish, you can carry weights and perform pushups during the vibration. Personally, I consider the whole body vibration platform as a comprehensive, total body workout!

A simple exercise

You can compare the vibrational exercise with standard resistance training. However, the only difference is that the newer technique uses a potent machine. For instance, you can nurture your triceps and biceps using the vibration machine. Here is a simple exercise that could be performed on the machine: Initially, face away from the vibration therapy and grip onto the platform’s edge. Extend your legs as much as possible and bend your arms at 90 degrees. Straighten your arms and bend them again! Repeat the process for at least 60 seconds. This is a very simple version of triceps dips. Similarly, you can engage in bicep curls.

Are you ready for complicated workouts?

Moving on, you can use the whole body vibration platform during upper body and arm-based exercises. “Rows & Raises” is a very common genre of workouts that can be done on the WBV machine. Rows and Raises are meant for experienced fitness enthusiasts. Hence, if you are not a regular performer, you must refrain from performing the complicated workout.

Ultimate bottom line

Whole body vibration exercises can be very interesting and fun filled. If you wish to regain your original health, trust me, the WBV will lend you a hand of support.

Weight Loss and Whole Body Vibration Workouts

The vibration plate machine is a customized device that provides whole body workouts. Many people consider the equipment as a training methodology that boosts the body’s overall bone density and vigor. Unlike conventional gym based routines, whole body vibration workouts will not force you to endure stress and strain. Instead, the equipment burns calories in a hassle free order.

Standard Figures

Technically, the vibration plate machine works by vibrating upwards and downwards! The frequency and amplitude of the vibrations can be predetermined. Thus, you can customize the equipment in accordance with your capabilities. In most cases, beginners are advised to exercise at a very low frequency of 15Hz and amplitude of 2 mm.

Prudent Outcomes

When you wish to achieve prudent results on the vibrational plate, you must do more than conventional standing and sit ups. According to the Mayo Clinic, you should engage in many un-weighted exercises like squats and lunges. Simple exercises that can be performed on the WBV would include regular squats, knee bends, single legged squats, wide stance squats and pushups. These workouts will help you see immediate results. Personally, I witnessed a massive change in my power and strength after two months of intense Whole Body Vibration sessions. If I can, trust me, even you will see prudent outcomes.

The Static But Dynamic Workouts

Moreover, whole body vibration sessions will make you extremely flexible. This attributes to the fame and name of WBV routines amongst athletes. According to the Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports, 5 minutes on the WBV is equivalent to 10 gymnastic moves! The static-but-dynamic workout is much better than many conventional fitness regimes.

The Ultimate Bottom Line

Likewise, the vibrating platform has a sturdy impact on the back, hip and abdomen muscles. The workouts will boost your day-to-day functionalities and athletic abilities.

Lose weight in Few Seconds! The Power of Vibrational Platforms!

If you wish to lose those extra pounds of weight by simply standing or sitting on a platform, trust me, whole body vibrational machines will suffice your need. The WBV machines can be used by a wide range of people. Technically, the vibrational platform is an electronic machine that burns calories through passive workouts. This might sound too good to be true! However, trust me, the machine produces real results in few split seconds.

Dr. Leong’s theory

The vibrational platform forces the muscles to contract and expand continuously. As the muscles contract it would use up some energy. According to famous physicians like Dr. Kristie Leong, the body uses up fat, when the muscles contract rapidly. Similarly, the machine triggers the body’s reflexes and forces the tendons to bend. The contraction would take place independently. As users of the machine, you don’t need to put in any effort. Indirectly, this results in a better build, powerful abs, firmer bones and a stronger outlook.

My experience with WBV

Many gyms and fitness centers in USA have started to use the vibration machine. The fitness equipment has changed the lives of many! Personally, I have lost more than 10 pounds in few short months! Thanks to the sensational WBV machines.

A Simple WBV methodology

So, how is the whole body vibrational machine used? Here is a brief review through a simple WBV methodology:
1) You should be mentally prepared to stand on a vibrational surface.
2) Secondly, step onto the vibration platform and start the machine.
3) Now, choose a sensible collection of exercises. You can perform squats, pushups and lunges on the machine. If you are a beginner, think twice, before you make a move.
4) Perform the exercise for at least 15 minutes. Conversely, take a break and let your muscles relax.

A Powerful Workout

Though vibration machines would enhance your balance and make you stronger; you must not treat it as a shortcut towards weight loss. Instead, pair the vibrations with strengthening exercises, health diet plans and cardiovascular workouts. Meanwhile, try to sleep at least six hours every day.

Is WBV meant for YOU?

Finally, you should remember that the whole body vibration equipment has its own share of drawbacks. As potential users, you should be aware of these cons. Talk to your doctor and verify if WBV is your cup of tea. Never make a blind step and worsen your medical condition.

The ins and outs of whole body vibration machines

Easy and uncomplicated, this is a very common catch used by whole body vibration fitness machines. Have you ever realized the amount of power vibrational exercises would have? Many people are not aware of the indispensible features owned by whole body vibration machines. Unfortunately, if you are amongst this crowd, consider yourself as lucky! Since, this article focuses on the ins and outs of whole body vibration machines.

Using the WBV machines

Unlike conventional fitness routines, the vibration platform has many benefits. The workout will ooze your mind, soothe your soul and refresh your health. So, what is vibration training? Does the vibrating exercise machine work for everyone? Technically, the vibration platform has options for sitting and standing exercises. The exercise depends on many variables. Nevertheless, the ultimate effect depends on the number of vibrations per second. Claims state that individuals, who vibrate between 50 to 60 times will lose more than 100 calories in 5 minutes. Personally, the vibration platform has helped me lose up to 170 calories in 10 minutes.

WBV for elderly people

As you step on the vibration platform, you will sense a wave of energy. The vibrational workouts will make your flexible and stable. Fitness enthusiasts declare that elderly women and men would see prudent improvements in their overall health. For instance, older women can fight against bone diseases like osteoporosis with the help of WBV. This is because the machine boosts the practitioner’s bone density. Meanwhile, the machine will strengthen your muscles and restore new energy into your limbs. Hence, you can refrain from falling.

Weight Loss – A Benefit from WBV

Weight loss is another important benefit from the vibration platform. When you execute a wide range of exercises on the vibrating machine, you can lose more than 21% of your body weight. Similarly, individuals with critical diseases like diabetes can step into a new phase of life through whole body vibrational workouts. A study that was conducted at the University of Antwerp proved that WBV machines have an upper hand over bodily hormones.

Using the WBV properly

Above all, you should know how to use the vibration machine. Improper usage will not delight you with positive results. Also, remember that mere standing will not confer you with many significant benefits. This is why you should engage in a huge myriad of workouts like sit ups and pushups. Trust me, you can enjoy optimal results only when you use the equipment properly.